Thursday, December 13, 2012

ammakke lee katayam

Embekke Devale, Kandy - Sri Lanka

The Embekke temple built in the 14th or 15th century was the audience hall of the Gampola Kings and later converted and dedicated to Sinhalese War-God Kartikeya better knows as Kataragama Deviyo. Katharagama went there and asked the god of Katharagama to cure his illness, promising to worship the temple annually. Then his illnesses were cured, and he kept his promise to Katharagama for many, many years.
It was a long, tiresome journey to the south and finally the time came when he knew his body could no longer make the trip. For the last time he traveled to the temple and praied the god that he could no longer continue his annual ritual, as he was too old. The sad drummer returned home and that night, the god of katharagama spoke to him in his dreams. He made a prediction. The god said, "in few days, a miracle will happen! You must go there and perform your traditional drumming!" As predicted by the god the miracle happened.

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